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Completing the sale of a house takes time and the lengthy mortgage process is where the time goes.

With our innovative online platform and award winning brokers we can help your buyers complete their mortgages quicker than ever.

You can track their progress, get updates and alerts.

Best of all we'll pay you when your buyer gets their mortgage.  

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Can my buyer afford the property?
  • Can they get a mortgage?
  • Why is the mortgage so slow?
  • Where in the mortgage process is my buyer?

If these are issues you face, then we at Mortgage Joy can help you. We have a simple solution that links your buyers up with our award-winning mortgage brokers. 

Use our solution to..

  • Quickly determine if your client is eligible for a mortgage
    • Our brokers will provide them with a Mortgage In Principle (MIP) certificate from the lender.
    • This is your assurance from the lender that your buyer can afford their new home.
  • Track the progress of their application.
    • View and track all key events in the Mortgage journey, either on our online portal or through a monthly report.
  • Key event notifications
    • Automatic notifications of key events like success or failure of the mortgage.
    • You'll be immediately notified by email or txt.

Best of all if the buyer completes their mortgage with Mortgage Joy we will pay you an agreed fee.

How does it work?

We create an affiliate link (url) or QR code specifically for you like the examples shows.

Try it now!

Click on this Sample Contractors link or scan the QR Code in the image.

Share the link or QR code with your buyers through whatever means you want e.g. on your website, by email, txt or WhatsApp, on a brochure or via your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts etc.

The Buyer uses the Link or QR code, adds their details in the form and our broker gives them a call. 
Our broker determines if the buyer is eligible for a mortgage and guides them through the process.

You can track everything the buyer does with our broker. Every month you will get a report emailed to you detailing the progress of your buyers i.e. at what stage in the Mortgage process they are at. If they drop out of the process or succeed in their mortgage you will get notified.

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QR Code - Affiliate link to Contractors 1
QR Code - Affiliate link to Contractors 2
Affiliate - Building contractor - sharing your link
Affiliate - Building Contractor - Talk to your broker 1
Affiliate - Building Contractor - Talk to your broker 2
Affiliate - Building contractor - Track progress 1
Affiliate - Building contractor - Track progress 2


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